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“Sharon has a seasoned story-telling talent matched with an uncanny ability to meet deadlines. In the last five years, Write2Market has used Sharon’s abilities to tell stories from the highly technical to the highly personable with strong results. I recommend her to any firm looking for a real journalist to mine the information, get close to the story, and tell it to your reader with integrity.”

Lisa Calhoun, Write2Market, Atlanta, GA


"Sharon is a fantastic writer. But more importantly, she understands complex issues and is able to put them into readable, understandable prose inside tight deadlines. That is a rare talent. I would highly recommend Sharon and have been lucky enough to benefit from her talents on a number of projects."

Lee Keller, The Keller Group, Seattle, WA







How to Work with Me


Need a writer to create high tech B2B content?


Many B2B marketers have a hard time finding writers who understand the nuances and challenges of marketing B2B technology products and services. So they turn to me.

As a veteran B2B writer who specializes in technology, SaaS software and the cloud, I help clients generate and nuture high-quality leads by creating content that engages customers and moves them further down the sales funnel.

I also help clients clearly communicate their complex messages, a skill I honed as a high tech journalist for more than a decade. (Yes, I'm a journalist who understands content marketing.)

Clients turn to me for help writing about marketing automation software, B2B technology marketing, big data analytics, business intelligence, data centers, wireless networking technology, software as a service or SaaS, virtualization, cloud technologies and lead scoring, BYOD, security, and other topics.

Some of my work includes:


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If you have a B2B content marketing project you'd like help with, you can contact me at and we'll discuss your project and marketing objectives for free.