21 Content Ideas for Your Website

21 Content Ideas for Your Website

Many companies build websites that contain the usual pages: the Home Page, the About Page, the Contact Page, a Product or Services Page, and perhaps a testimonial page.

These sites are known as brochure ware. They are fine if you’re visiting once, but they don’t invite you to come back or bookmark it as one to revisit often.

You have to give visitors a reason to return and learn more about you.

Many companies don’t realize or know where to find compelling content that turns visitors into frequent readers and then into buyers.

Most of it already exists within your company.

Here are 21 ways to add content to your website:

  1. Blog and frequent posts
  2. Free reports or e-books
  3. Great photos of your products, projects, team
  4. Case studies
  5. Whitepapers
  6. Short or long articles
  7. Company newsletter
  8. Company story
  9. Bios of founder and team members
  10. Project highlights page
  11. A peek behind the curtain – what makes your company tick?
  12. Quarterly surveys, such as a salary survey
  13. Media stories where you’ve been featured
  14. Media room with press releases you’ve distributed
  15. Timeline of a project or your company’s history
  16. Expert sheet with speaking topics or story ideas for the media
  17. Videos that explain problems you solve
  18. Slideshows that highlight a project you completed
  19. Audio clips or pod casts of speeches or presentations
  20. Resource pages highlighting complementary services
  21. Resource pages demonstrating who you are & why you do what you do


Photo: © M. Sharon Baker
What ways have you used to add compelling content to your website?