Great Content Idea: How to Work with Me

Great Content Idea: How to Work with Me

Biasto Restaurant's Orange Confit by Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures

Red Box Pictures Food Photography

Bisato Restaurant Photo By Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures

A new client of  mine, Ardath Albee of Marketing Interactions, and I were talking recently aboutthe biggest challenges content marketers’ face.

One of her comments instantly jumped out at me:

Many marketers don’t know how to work with writers.


 A blog post of hers called Working with Content Marketing Writers was one of her most widely read posts, she said.

Hmm. The idea that people might not know how to work with me is something I have overlooked.

How many potential customers have I lost because a prospect didn’t fully understand how to work with a freelance writer or freelance journalist?

To help people understand, I added three things to my To-Do list:

  • Add a page to my website outlining how to work with me
  • Create three case studies giving prospects an idea of what success looks like
  • Write a blog post discussing best practices for working with writers

When I later went to check out the website of a referral I was going to make, I realized I wasn’t the only one that could be creating great content answering the question “How to Work with Me.”

Here’s a great example of what “How to Work with Me” might look like:

Bisato's Orange Confit by Red Box Pictures

Bisato’s Orange Confit by Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures

Red Box Pictures, a Seattle commercial photography company, has a great video on their site.

It shows the interaction between Red Box photographer Scott Eklund and James Beard award winning Chef Scott Carsberg as they created photos for Carsberg’s restaurant, Lampreia.

Click on the  On Assignment  tab to see the video, which is a great example of the sticky, compelling content that helps prospects see firsthand what it is like to work with Red Box.

When I called Rob Sumner  to talk about a potential assignment, I shared my conversation with Ardath with him and suggested they might want to develop written “How to Hire Me” content.

As more and more people take their own photos and as more and more small businesses create blogs and search for photos to include with posts, many skip calling professional photographers because they think the cost will be too high.

Or the idea is so foreign, they don’t even consider it.

Many busy marketing managers and website developers don’t know how professional photography can help them or why they might want to hire a commercial photographer.

Engaging a pro –  not an amateur – makes a huge difference, and your company can build a lot of credibility with authentic photos. Just take a look at the photos Scott took on this post and compare them to the cinnamon bun photo I took.

There’s a big difference.

Who else can benefit from developing “How to Work With Me” content?

Professional service providers, life coaches and consultants come to mind.

Any company thinking it has a barrier to overcome with prospects should consider drafting a page or blog post on how to work with them.

Providing a checklist of questions (and good answers) that prospects should ask when evaluating service providers are also great ways to build credibility and add great content to your website or blog.

Tell Me: Have you ever wondered how to work with someone or created “How to Work with Me” Content?