Seattle is a Hotbed of Entrepreneurs, Says Digital Pub

Seattle is a Hotbed of Entrepreneurs, Says Digital Pub

The Kauffman Foundation recently profiled Seattle as a hotbed of entrepreneurism through their digital publication www.id8nation.combest snip ID8Nation ship

They previously featured entrepreneurship in Pittsburgh and San Diego.

In the Seattle issue you’ll find stories on the Big 6:  Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, Costco, Nordstrom and Boeing, and a lot more.

There’s also coverage of the area’s music and video game making scenes, profiles of entrepreneurs such as Cheezburger’s Ben Huh and Jane Park of Juelp, all through the lens of entrepreneurship and what makes the region such a magnet.

I wrote a couple of stories for the issue.

The bulk of the content is only for mobile and tablet users, devices they say offer a different experience than the web. However, you can read some stories on their website.

The editors agreed to let me post my two articles on Microsoft and another on Method Homes, the modular homebuilder based in Bellingham that’s expanding nationwide.

The Microsoft Corp. stories focus on its recent efforts to help startups with a sidebar on some of the more historical moves the company has made to foster entrepreneurship in Seattle.

The Method Homes story is just one of a collection of manufacturing stories. (Full Disclosure: I only wrote the Method story, not the profiles on the other two manufacturing firms.

You can read the stories by clicking on the story covers.

MSFT The One That Started snip (415x527)             MSFT Venturing Forth snip cover (603x481)             ID8nation Method snip cover (446x456)


Did they portray Seattle accurately? Seattleites, and others, let me know what you think in the comments below.