Thanks Hubspot: Great Content & Design Tools for Marketers

I love Hubspot. While I don’t use their software, there’s arguably no better place to go than Hubspot to learn about all things needed to be a modern marketer.Thank you art by MSB

Chock full of informational eBooks and other content ranging from social media, content creation to landing pages, I eagerly devour all of their information. Becoming knowledgeable about all facets of marketing makes me a much better writer.

What I like best is that their resource page lets you quickly see ALL the information available so that you can find what you are looking for in an instant. You don’t have to dig through layers of blog posts or hunt around their site. And I’m glad they share their library for free.

Today’s The Marketers Pocket Guide To Writing Good caught my eye. It was a light read meant for marketers, and I liked the clever way they fashioned the title and the format.

But the real value was tucked inside, a gem I hadn’t seen when it came out in December.

16 Free Tools that Make Content Creation Way Easier

I heart HubspotJay Acunzo wrote a post called 16 Free Tools that Make Content Creation Way Easier.

The tools are invaluable to those who like to do more than post words and want to add a little style. I could spend the morning checking them all out but I’m on a few deadlines.


Here are a few I’m looking forward to using:

  • Skitch, part of Evernote, let’s you mark up your images with shapes and sketches.
  • Canva, offers a library of pre-made templates and assets that you can manipulate while also adding your own imagery.
  • 135 Icons for Marketers, from Hubspot. Now I don’t have to search and manage several programs to create a quick icon.
  • Storify: I’ve heard about Storify but have never used it.  I’ve also wondered how people grab a few tweets and bundle them together. Guess what? They use Storify. Duh. Maybe I should have looked sooner.

Always helpful, Hubspot also has a few links at the end of the Pocket Guide that lead you to an additional 34 Content Hacks. (You’ll have to check out the Pocket Guide to access that info.)

Thanks again Hubspot for making my job, and those of your target market, marketers, easier.

What do you like best about Hubspot’s never-ending stream of content? Do you have a favorite eBook or post?