Pattern Computer is on the Cusp of Discovering New Treatments for Cancer, other Diseases

I wrote a story and sidebar for Seattle Business Magazine, which is currently tucked inside Seattle Magazine, for the May/June 2022 issue. Since the magazine has not yet completed its new website, I am posting the story here. I also posted it on LinkedIn.

The main story is about how Pattern Computer is using its proprietary computer to discover treatments for the top five cancers, and how it has achieved promising results in just three years on all five. The computer isn’t just discovering patterns in healthcare but is being used in many other industries as well.

The sidebar is about how Pattern Computer is in the FDA approval process for a 3-second Covid testing device using spit that’s designed to test hundreds of people quickly.

What there wasn’t room to write about was that they have also cracked the Artificial Intelligence Black Box problem with what they are calling Explainable AI.

You can learn more about Pattern Computer Inc. at

You also read the first story I wrote about the formation of the company on the Geekwire site by visiting