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5 Weeks to LinkedIn Success – Getting Started

Posted by M. Sharon Baker

First in a Five Post Series

I’m helping a family law firm with their content marketing efforts, and learned that some of the attorneys do not have LinkedIn profiles and that others have profiles but aren’t doing much with them. These attorneys are very busy people, and the common reason they haven’t done anything with LinkedIn is due to the time crunch they believe is involved.linkedin button

As with anything, you get out of it what you put into it. Many high profile sales people like Jill Konrath, Lori Richardson and those in content marketing like Ardath Albee and Carole Mahoney have been highlighting the success businesses and professionals can achieve using LinkedIn. They provide tons of social proof.

What I’m creating is a step-by-step cheatsheet that anyone who is just starting with LinkedIn can use to get up to speed quickly in a few bite-sized chunks that don’t take a lot of time.

Here’s Week One. I’ll be sharing the other weeks over the course of the next four or five weeks. I’d appreciate your feedback.

Week One: Getting Started with Your LinkedIn Profile

Set up a profile/account

1)      Use your personal email to sign up so you always have access throughout your career.

2)      Find (or take) and upload a good professional headshot also known as a photo to accompany your profile. People want to know what you look like, and if you don’t have a photo, people will wonder why not or what are you hiding. A photo builds trust.


3)      Write a headline using your top keywords. Don’t just put your title but tell pepole who you are and what you do.

Here’s Mine:  B2B Content Writer | Freelance Journalist I create compelling content that helps companies connect with customers.

Read this great blog post, Crafting an SEO- and Human-Friendly LinkedIn Headline if you need more help in crafting a headline.


4)      Fill out this guide before you fill out the rest of your profile. Carole Mahoney wrote it to help folks like you. She is a LinkedIn expert who coaches people on how to use LinkedIn for sales.

5)      Upload the information you created from the Optimize your LinkedIn Profile worksheet.

No. 4 will take you a little bit of time. If you are feeling stumped at what to include in your profile, take a look at what other people have included in your profession. Don’t worry if they have a lot more information, links, connections and endorsements. Focus on what they have said and how they said it.

As I mentioned, I’ll be posting the additional weeks quick bites over the next four to five weeks. Since I’m delivering emails along these lines to my client each Tuesday, I’ll upload the posts that day as well.

Beginners: Please leave me questions about what might not be clear.
Veterans: I’d love to hear how I can improve this Cheat Sheet or what else you would have started off with. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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La Conner Mayor: Remaining Turkeys Must Go

Posted by M. Sharon Baker
La Conner Mayor: Remaining Turkeys Must Go

La Connor mayor Ramon Hayes issued a decree this week after suffering through the latest barrage of questions about the town’s five remaining turkeys and why they aren’t gone yet.

The town council voted 4-1 to banish the flock of 12 turkeys in October 2010 after several neighbors grew tired of cleaning up turkey turds and torn up landscaping.

Six of the flock have been caught and another died, but the remaining three hens and two Toms have become trap-wise and so far have eluded capture.

Officially, only four turkeys have been pecking around town this week.

The second tom may have flown the coop, er town earlier this week during the latest turkey round up.  He took flight and hasn’t regrouped with his feathered friends.

I’ve been tasked with covering this story for the La Conner Weekly News, and have had a bit of fun with the story and resulting photos. Some of the info can be found on the Weekly News’ blog.

La Conner, WA is also famous for its fields of daffodills and tulips.

I’m happy to report that the daffodils are just starting to bloom. It’s been cold and wet, so they are a bit late.

Tulip travelers will want to come towards the middle to end of April – that’s just my guess – as the weather may make the tulip bloom a little late too.

Have you been following La Conner’s turkey escapades?

Photos © M. Sharon Baker