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Every Marketer Needs This Social Media Cheat Sheet

Thanks to Bob Dunn, a very helpful WordPress Guru, I learned about Christopher Carfi’s 2016 Social Media Cheat Sheet, which outlines the most recent image sizes for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – you name it.

Check out Christopher’s post on the GoDaddy blog, and make sure to bookmark it.

There is also a great bonus – links to other resources to help make sizing images much easier.

Thank you Bob and Chris.


How a Service Firm Tackles Content Marketing: First Step – Rewriting Web Pages

I’m in the midst of helping a client rewrite her company website. Her business had dipped, and she wanted to land more traffic from specific keywords, ones she knew were shuttling most of the business to her competitors. For the most part, her site was a gigantic brochure, talking all about her firm, not aboutRead MoreRead More


Great Content Ideas to Steal from Tom Peters

If you’re looking for great ideas on what compelling content you might create, look no further: Tom Peters has many ideas you can steal. His site has a great press room, and authors should take note of all the different ways he “re-imagines” his content.Read More


Good Earth Tea Misses PR, Storytelling Boat

Good Earth Tea Contest misses great public realtions opportunity, chances to connect with new customers and engage existing customers with storytelling and content on their website.Read More


Dipity Time Line on Tom Douglas Restaurants

I just finished making my Dipity time line of Tom Douglas Restaurants, which I mentioned I was doing in my post about great content ideas that don’t include lots of writing. I used Dipity, which was quite easy to use. You can take a look at the time line here . Ditpity is working with WordPressRead More


How to Add Content Without (a lot of) Words

How to Add Content without (a lot of) Words. Why not try word clouds, interactive timelines, twitter subjects or interactive maps?Read More