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La Conner Mayor: Remaining Turkeys Must Go

Posted by M. Sharon Baker
La Conner Mayor: Remaining Turkeys Must Go

La Connor mayor Ramon Hayes issued a decree this week after suffering through the latest barrage of questions about the town’s five remaining turkeys and why they aren’t gone yet.

The town council voted 4-1 to banish the flock of 12 turkeys in October 2010 after several neighbors grew tired of cleaning up turkey turds and torn up landscaping.

Six of the flock have been caught and another died, but the remaining three hens and two Toms have become trap-wise and so far have eluded capture.

Officially, only four turkeys have been pecking around town this week.

The second tom may have flown the coop, er town earlier this week during the latest turkey round up.  He took flight and hasn’t regrouped with his feathered friends.

I’ve been tasked with covering this story for the La Conner Weekly News, and have had a bit of fun with the story and resulting photos. Some of the info can be found on the Weekly News’ blog.

La Conner, WA is also famous for its fields of daffodills and tulips.

I’m happy to report that the daffodils are just starting to bloom. It’s been cold and wet, so they are a bit late.

Tulip travelers will want to come towards the middle to end of April – that’s just my guess – as the weather may make the tulip bloom a little late too.

Have you been following La Conner’s turkey escapades?

Photos © M. Sharon Baker