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FAQs: How to Work with Me

What is your background as a B2B content writer?
I’ve been helping companies of all sizes create case studies, white papers, articles, press releases and press kits as well as lead nurturing articles and other marketing materials for more than 10 years.

And I’ve been telling business stories as a journalist for, well, let’s just say at least 10 additional years.

I’m a lifelong learner and a student of business who devours information on content marketing, selling, public relations practices and technology.


What kind of assignments do you handle?
Because I wrote about high tech, software and telecommunications for many years as a business journalist, I quickly grasp technical concepts and excel at translating technical jargon into understanding prose and messaging that is relevant to your target audience. I help both B2B and B2C companies and have written for general audiences as well as C-level executives.

I’ve written about software, data centers, networking, collaboration tools, wireless communications, cloud computing, marketing automation, SaaS services, cellular networks, mobile payments and a myriad of other technology concepts as well as small business, architecture and real estate, sports, arts and entertainment, restaurants, and purple potatoes.

In addition to writing case studies, lead nurturing articles and white papers, I have helped enterprise clients, B2B marketing agencies and medium-sized companies with lead development and nurturing, blogging, eBooks, special reports, and thought leadership articles.

For more information about my specific copywriting and consulting services, take a look at my services page.


How do you quote projects?
I charge by the project, not hourly, which helps you know what to expect and exactly what you are going to pay.MSB Photo

I’m not an hourly rate copywriter. While my fees are partly based on the time it takes to write your materials, I include my expertise and value I bring to the table as well as take into account standard industry prices.

I’m not the cheapest, nor am I the most expensive. I don’t write $100 articles.

I do research your company and your competitors and take time to understand your customers before I pick up a pen. I also discuss your objectives and goals for every piece, and provide you with a proposal that spells out exactly what I can and will do for you.

I base my fees on:


What do you need from us to get started?

Proposal Agreement & Payment

After an initial conversation, I create a project quote or scope of work that spells out how I can help you and what it will cost. (If you already have a SOW, I'll just send you a simple proposal adopting it.) After we discuss the proposal and we agree it suits your needs and budget, you need to sign the proposal and return a copy to me.

For most projects, I require 50 percent of the project fee upfront to begin work, and will send you an invoice once you agree to the proposal. The remainder of the fee is due in 30 days or upon project completion, whichever comes first.  

I require the full fee paid upfront for all projects under $2,000. The upfront fee reserves time on my schedule. At any given time I may be working on several projects of various sizes.

I also work on a monthly retainer if that better suits your needs. Retainer fees are due on the first of the month and include a 60-day cancellation clause notice.

Background Information or Creative Brief
To begin your project, I need some background information about your product or service, your customers and target audience, competition, your goals and objectives including a call to action, and schedules or deadlines, among other information. I prefer to discuss these items in a phone call, but am happy to accept an existing creative brief if you have one.


How long will it take you to write my copy?
From experience, it depends upon what you need written and the availability of the executives or customers involved in the project during the interviewing and reviewing processes. It also depends upon my current workload. I have written blog posts in an hour, and case studies and articles in two days; however, sometimes your experts are overseas, your executives quit and go to another company or they can’t get back to me or be interviewed for several weeks.

In general, I will estimate how long it will take for me to deliver the first draft, which typically takes less than two weeks for shorter projects.

Sometimes you may need a project completed faster. If you have a “rush” job, give me a call and I’ll let you know if I can fit it into my schedule. Rush jobs typically include a rush fee. If I can’t help you, most likely I can refer you to a few writers who can.


How do you handle revisions?
When I submit a draft, most clients are very happy with my work. Two sets of requested revisions are included in my project fee. The revisions must be requested within 30 days of your receipt of the copy, and to be considered reviews, they must not involve a change in direction, scope or format. If changes are needed beyond the revisions, we’ll discuss your change of plans prior to additional review.

Sometimes additional revisions are needed beyond the two included, and I happily revise the work based upon your input. If the project revisions become numerous and onerous, I reserve the right to charge an additional fee, and will notify you prior to accomplishing these additional tasks.


Who owns the copyright?

My clients own the copy after it’s paid in full, whether it’s part of a project or a consultation. Until you pay in full, I own the rights.


Do you guarantee your work?
No reputable writer can guarantee your press release, article, case study, white paper or direct response copy will generate a specific amount of response or will be included in any newspaper, magazine or website. While there are several public relations agencies that are pioneering a pay-only-for-placement business model, I do not work this way.

I do guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the written materials you’ll receive from me. If it the project misses the mark, I’ll fix it until you are satisfied.


I have a project in mind and I'm ready to start. How do I contact you?

Give me a call at (360) 354-0000 or email me, and we can discuss your project and needs. (There is no charge to discuss your project.)