"Sharon is a fantastic writer.

But more importantly, she understands complex issues and is able to put them into readable, understandable prose inside tight deadlines.

That is a rare talent. I would highly recommend Sharon and have been lucky enough to benefit from her talents on a number of projects."

Lee Keller, The Keller Group, Seattle, WA


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Compelling B2B Content:

White Papers, Special Reports, Thought Leadership

Persuasive Tools to Educate, Enrich, Engage

White papers, special reports, and thought leadership articles are standard B2B content marketing staples for lead nurturing and marketing automation systems. But busy CMOs, marketing directors, and others tasked with creating the B2B content needed to feed the lead generation and lead nurturing machines often need outside writers to help create content that converts.pencilscolor

And they need a writer that understands the goal is to educate, enrich and then entice prospects to give up their contact information in exchange for access to the content.

Outside of the high tech industry, B2B businesses consider white papers to be more like special reports offering valuable insights into an industry trend, a change in the marketplace or an explaination or demonstration of how to achieve success.

Why Hire M. Sharon Baker?

As a veteran business journalist and B2B content writer, I have the experience to interview your team professionally, ask the right questions, and find compelling details to write jargon-free white papers, special resports and lead nurturing content that meets your marketing objectives.

If needed, I can also help you leverage your white paper, report or content to maximize its value. White papers can be used as compelling content on your website to generate leads, and when broken into smaller bites of information, can make great blog posts, and social media messages and conversation starters.


White Papers, Special Reports, Thought Leadership Samples



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