Talented Business Writer Who Gets Up to Speed Quickly

"Whenever I have a writing project and need outside help, Sharon is always the first person I call.

I've been fortunate to have known and worked with Sharon for a number of years.

She is not only a talented writer and editor, but her years of covering business (not to mention running her own small business) provides her with enough context and understanding that very little ramp up time is ever required.

Sharon is also a direct communicator who is always willing to share her opinion and advice - a trait I admire and very much appreciate.

It's always a pleasure working with Sharon and I look forward to partnering with her on more projects in the future."

- David Kaufer


A Seattle Digital Marketing Agency


How to Work with Sharon


Do you need B2B Content that Connects with Customers?

Help creating content for lead generation or nurturing?

Or writing thought leadership articles?


As a B2B content marketing writer, Sharon can help you by:

  • Writing general and contributed articles and white papers establishing you as an expert and extending your company awareness.pens2

  • Writing compelling case studies giving potential customers a good idea of what it's like to do business with you so you can grow your prospect list.

  • Writing narrative newsletter and e-Zine content encouraging repeat sales and that continues a dialog with your customers.

  • Ghostwriting blog posts establishing you as an expert and a trusted resource, and that encourage conversations.

  • Writing succinct web copy that resonates with your perfect customer and invites them to learn more.

  • Writing E-books to lend credibility to the work you do, build your list and give you bonuses or special reports to give to new customers.

  • Ghostwriting your article, report, e-book or any other compelling content you need to generate new leads, establish your firm as a leader or continue customer conversations.

  • Refining, editing, or polishing or your rough drafts so they are consistent, contain one voice, and appeal to your customer.

  • Generating content marketing ideas from your customer's perspective.


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